Friday, August 20, 2010

11 hours later....

Dear Friends,

As you know Ryan and I recently located to Louisville, KY. I'm awful at keeping in touch with people so I thought blogging about our lives here may be a good way for all our friendly stalkers out there to keep tabs on us. (We all know we do it. I got the idea from stalking half of you tonight.) Anywho, I've entitled our blog "The Adventure" because from day one of our relationship, we've referred to it as our adventure. Each day has been filled with new experiences and new lessons. Marriage is definitely a beautiful gift and I'm so thankful for it!

August 9th was the day we moved up here. What a day that was.  Eight people in 4 cars hauling 2 trailers drove 534 miles in just over 11 hours. I was stinky and tired and ready for a bed, but we still had to unload it all. When we got to the apartment complex, we were so excited because Kris Burns and 7 of his friends were waiting for us to unload everything. We walked up the stairs to F4 and what do we find? None other than a locked door and no keys to unlock it. We panicked for about 2 minutes and then Ryan knocked on the neighbor's door to see if they had an emergency contact list. Our sweet neighbors are a cute Korean family who speak very little English. Thankfully one of them knew enough to know what Ryan was asking for and we got a guy named Ernie to let us in. Then the moving in process began. The neighbors were very curious and soon we had an audience of Korean toddlers watching us, one of which was half naked...from the waist down. He is now known as little naked man as one of the guys helping us so appropriately named him. Little naked man frequents the stairwell to this day. I need to buy that little boy some shorts. 

We finally got all our stuff into our tiny apartment (minus our couch because it couldn't fit in the door) and then arranged the boxes enough to allow someone to sleep on the love seat and air mattress and set up the two beds for others. To put the icing on the cake we found a note on the door saying that we couldn't use the shower until the next morning because they has just put caulk around the tub. We got to go to bed all sweaty and grimy. 

Although August 9th wasn't the most fun day our lives, it was one of the most exciting. We moved to a new city and got to start life on our own for real.  Both sides of our families got to spend a lot of time together and we all bonded a little bit. It was such a great experience and this is just the beginning. We're now starting the process of meeting tons of new people and finding new friends and a new church home. Ryan is settling into a new job and becoming immersed in school. I've been on the job hunt and finally got some interviews lined up. God's hand has totally been on us.  I can't wait to see what He has planned for us next.