Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Happy Fall Y'all!

October is probably my favorite month of the year. The temperature is cool but not too cold, the colors on the trees are really vibrant, and pumpkins are EVERYWHERE. I also love fall decor. A couple weekends ago, I made a fall wreath out of some foam piping insulation from home depot. I thought this would be the greatest idea because it was cheap and easy. My friend, Kara, made one as well. I have yet to see her finished project, but I sure hope it turned out better than mine did. Here's my front door with the first wreath:

I evidently loaded it down with too much stuff on it so it kind of became egg-shaped after a day. I took that puppy down and went to Michael's to find a replacement. Michael's had 18" grapevine wreaths for $5 so I snagged one up and put all my "stuff" on it and this is the result!

A zillion times better. Apologies for the crappy photo. I took all the felt flowers and pom poms off the old wreath and added them to the new one along with some extras. Here's a close up of the wreath:

I love it 65435136576435 times more than the other one! The next step in prettyfying our entry way is to get a new pot for the mum. Mums smell so gross, but I love how they look! I also love that it was only $3.47 at home depot. The pumpkins by the door are fake from Michael's. Super cheap as well becuase they were 50% off. I went with fake pumpkins so I could re-use them and so I wouldn't have a rotting pumpkin by my front door. My next BIG projects in the apartment will be to paint a wall in each of the bedrooms and maybe in the kitchen as well. I'm really looking for ward to it!!! I'll definitely keep you all posted!

How do you decorate for the seasons?


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Decor Update

2 posts in 2 days?! I must be crazy! I've been wanting to show everyone my updated living/dining room for a while and FINALLY took a picture this morning as I was on my way out of the house. Remember what my accent wall looked like when I finished it? If not here is a reminder:
I adore the wall color, but I wasn't loving the picture that I put up and I did not like the olive green table cloth. I've been seeing all kinds of cute gallery walls on Pinterest and decided to do one of my own. Here is the new area!

I love how it turned out! It takes up so much more space than the other picture and it lets me showcase many of my photos without it looking so sporadic. It was pretty easy to do. I just laid them on the ground and arranged them until I liked what I saw and then nailed those puppies up! I used toothpaste on the photo hangers to mark where I should put the nail. That saved me a lot of headaches and extras holes in the wall. I did have a whole bunch of photos of just me and Ryan and I thought I was a little too much, so I replaced some with a couple family pictures and a bird print. I also replaced that green tablecloth with a new gray one. I love it so much more. And get this I got that baby for $3.47 at Meijer! I love a good deal! It was a little long so I tied up the corners with some brown satin ribbon. I also put up a fall table arrangement. I'll post a more up close photo a little later when I've finished all my fall decorating. I'll also try to include better pictures because the iPhone pics are kind of sad.

What kind of projects have you worked on lately?


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Now you know my ABCs!

I don't usually like to do random questionnaire things, but I thought that this would be a good filler til I have time to post a real post. So for your stalking pleasure here are my ABCs!

A. Age: 24
B. Bed size: Queen. Wishing for that King size! (one day...)
C. Chore that you hate: All of them? but I guess if I had to pick one it would be folding the laundry. Just ask the hubs.
D. Dogs: none for now. maybe when we have kids and a house.
E. Essential start to your day: wash my face and brush my teeth!
F. Favorite color: anything in the mint/seafoam/turquoise family of colors
G. Gold or Silver: Silver
H. Height: 5' 11 3/4" but we'll round up and say 6'0".
I. Instruments you play: none. lame. I played the clarinet in 6th grade though!
J. Job title: Team Leader. Sounds macho, huh?
K. Kids: none for now but we want a bunch.
L. Live: Louisville, KY
M. Mother’s name: Remy
N. Nicknames: Ames, Amy Lou, Monkey (from my dad), Minnie (from Ryan), and whole bunch of other goofy nicknames from Ryan that I'd rather not say. :)
O. Overnight hospital stays: None thankfully!
P. Pet peeves: Stupid/mean comments on blogs/articles/youtube videos. If you can't be civil, please don't type it.
Q. Quote from a movie: "You have bewitched me, body and soul, and I love, I love, I love you. I never wish to be parted from you from this day on." -Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice. I seriously cry everytime I watch that part. Love it.
R. Right or left handed: Right-o!
S. Siblings: 1 older brother Julius and 1 younger brother Alex
U. Underwear: I used to wear VS underoos, but now I'm cheap so I get the 6 pack of Hanes hipsters. Super comf though.
V. Vegetable you hate: peppers. I hate the texture of the peppers.
W. What makes you run late: When I try to do my hair all cute and then it doesn't work out so then I end up having to straighten it or put it in a pony tail. I hardly ever do my hair for this reason. I'm usually very punctual.
X. X-Rays you’ve had: Teeth and left arm and MRI of my knees.
Y. Yummy food that you make: my hubs loves my egg rolls and fried rice. My favorite thing I've made is chess pie and/or the pumpkin spice bundt cake I made last week.
Z. Zoo animal: baby pandas, baby lions, baby cheetahs, basically any baby mammal.

This was exhilarating I know. Hopefully I'll have some good stuff for you next week!