Thursday, August 25, 2011

Surprise! {not}

Hey Friends!

Last Saturday we threw a "surprise" party for my sweet friend, Kara. I put surprise in quotes because she knew about it the whole time. She's a smart one, that Kara. Her hubby had no chance when she interrogated him. We had a blast nonetheless and I wanted to share some pics from the event that were taken by another wonderful friend, Lindsay (who is expecting a baby girl any day now)! Enjoy!
Brooke, Me, Lucas, and Nikki before Kara arrived.

Since Kara knew about the surprise, we had to think of a way to throw her off. We invited them over to play Settlers of Catan and had it set up on the table. We had all of our friends hide in our bedroom so it looked like no one was there.  
Some of the men waiting for instructions. ;)

Brooke, Lindsay, Mallory, and Lauren in our bedroom waiting for Kara.

The boys were ready to come out and yell, "Surprise!"
 When it was time to come out, Ryan would text Camden to have them all run down the hall.

Camden waiting for the go ahead from Ryan.

Surprise!!! Tessa did not enjoy that part.

cake fail

Me, Brooke, Lauren, Kara holding Tessa, Lindsay (with baby girl), Bethany (with baby boy) and Mallory
We had such a fun time! Kara knew it was coming but she loved it anyway! I made a funfetti cake with cream cheese frosting and used this technique to decorate it. It was my first time to decorate a cake in any way other than just slathering on a layer of frosting! It was a pain because  my apartment was so hot. I ended up having to put the cake in freezer after every 3 rows of ruffles to keep them from melting off! At the end of the night the cake just did not want to stand up any longer and took a little nap on the table. Ryan was just glad nothing happend to the Settlers board.

Thanks to our wonderful friends for making such a sweet memory!


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  1. =) You are the greatest friend! I am so blessed to have you! Thanks for going through so much trouble to make my birthday special! And I so did not know all the fruit was in the kitchen till near the end of the night, lol.