Saturday, December 10, 2011

Birthdays and Such

Hey friends!

I have quite a picture filled post for you today! Last Saturday was Ryan's 25th birthday! He's such an old man now. ;) We went to Cincinnati with our friends Mallory and Camden to celebrate by going to Ikea and Pappadeaux. It was our first time in an Ikea and man, was it awesome. I want everything in that store! We've needed another bookshelf for some time because of all the books Ryan has gotten for seminary, so we were determined to get one on this trip. Our only hiccup was that we drive a Civic. Not exactly the best vehicle for hauling furniture. We ended up getting one though and got it home by taking it out of the box and placing the boards in car with part of the back seat folded down while Mal and Cam sat next to each other on the rest of the backseat. I'm so thankful for friends who love us enough to ride uncomfortably in the car! We got it all put together and it is wonderful!

After Ikea we went to Pappadeaux, Ryan's favorite restaurant. It was soooo yummy and we even got a free dessert since it was his birthday! Here we are after our meal!
Me and my hot husband-in-flannel
I also made a birthday cake for Ryan. This year was not my best work, but at least it was yummy!

Note: Royal icing and pudding frosting do not mix.

Finally, I wanted to show off my Christmas decor like I promised in my last post!

Our baby tree on the table
Christmas cookies!
Presents for the fam
The Nativity Set that I got for Christmas last year
Close up of our stockings
Front Door Wreath
Close up
Living room window
All lit up!

I love our decor this year! I'd really love to do more, but seeing as the only people who see it are me and Ryan, I thought I'd keep it low key. If we ever get a house, you better believe I'm drenching that place in Christmas!

I doubt I'll update in the next couple weeks because we'll be so busy seeing friends and family, so until then: 

Merry Christmas!!!


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