Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving Goodness

Hi Friends!

Sorry it's been a couple weeks since I posted! Not a lot has happened, just a lot of little stuff preventing me from getting to the computer. Not to mention the Hubby has been studying for finals, so I have minimal laptop exposure. Anyway...Thanksgiving happened and that was good. We had a small crew but it was so much fun. Crockett and Kara came over with their sweet baby girl, Tessa as well as our friend Garrett. We had enough food for 20 people but in true Thanksgiving fashion, we engorged ourselves with goodies. Here are a few pics from the day taken by Kara.

The table before the food

The table all loaded down!
 I don't know about you, but every time I cook a turkey or whole chicken, I imagine that scene from Christmas Vacation where Clark cuts open the turkey. There is half a second where I think, "Please don't explode with steam!" Thankfully our turkey did not do that. Yay for Reynolds oven bags!

Pumpkin pie and minis
Kara did not take the previous picture. That one was snapped with my iPhone the night before. I've never made pumpkin pie before, but it turned out great! The mini pumpkin pies were so addicting! I found the recipe on Bakerella's site. They will definitely be made again!

The cooks!

The boys!

My love. :)

Kara, Tessa, and Crockett
I would like to take a second and say how awesome Kara is! She made awesome biscuits and dressing and allergen free pie for Crockett and took pictures and took care of a baby! Super-woman! Kara, I'm so thankful for your friendship and also for you getting a light scoop for your camera so I didn't look sweaty in all these pictures. (I'm sure that's why you got it, right?;) haha!)

We had to work on Black Friday which really wasn't that much of a bummer. I've never gone out deal shopping on Black Friday and I don't think I ever will. After reading all the horror stories of people getting pepper sprayed, beaten, and shot over cheap merch, I think staying home and/or going to work are my best options. We DID, however, go on an impromtu 6 hour shopping excursion on Saturday night and got 90% of our family's Christmas presents. It feels good to have it almost done. I even got them all wrapped and they are now sitting in front of our t.v. Be on the lookout for my next will be full of Christmas decor and cookie goodness!


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  1. Thanks Amy! You are so sweet =) I am very thankful for your friendship as well and that we were able to spend Thanksgiving with such an amazing couple! And such an amazing cook!